The Thrive Workplace Consulting & Legal team includes experienced lawyers and legal services staff that can assist with a range of workplace and employment matters. You can read about the Thrive team below. To find out more about the services we offer, visit our About Us page.

Amanda Harvey

Director Principal

Amanda is the owner and principal lawyer of Thrive Workplace Consulting & Legal and has experience in all areas of employment law. Amanda is a pragmatic and versatile employment lawyer, workplace investigator and consultant to the public and private sector.

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Tass Angelopoulos

Executive Counsel

Tass is a specialist senior lawyer with over 30 years experience, including as a solicitor, barrister and industrial relations manager. Tass works closely with Amanda on a range of matters at Thrive, as well as using his specialist knowledge and skills at WEIR Consulting from time to time.

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Lauren Heyes

Executive Assistant

Lauren joined Thrive Workplace Consulting & Legal in 2018 and has over years 14 experience in the legal industry. Lauren has worked in both mid-tier and top tier firms in a variety of legal areas including Employment Law, Real Estate and Intellectual Property, first having worked with Amanda at Lander & Rogers. Lauren has a kind and compassionate demeanor and is the first point of contact when assisting new clients through the enquiry process.

Lauren is also highly experienced in effective employee management in her own right, and regularly assists clients with day to day employee management and consultation processes.

James Werner

Law Clerk

James is in his final year of studying a Juris Doctor and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration. He has previously worked as a paralegal for the in-house counsel of Australia’s largest privately-held scrap metal recycler. James has also worked as an Analyst and Marketing Coordinator, working for a Department of Defence contractor to sell ex-military equipment (everything from pallets of medical equipment, to ships, planes and helicopters) to the general public.

James has already excelled at annualised salary compliance reviews, award interpretation and critical litigation research. He has expertise with technology and the business nous to use this to streamline legal and regulatory compliance.